A Birthday Gift

A very dear friend and second mom has a birthday this week! I love that it is so close to Halloween and we always make her a Halloween themed card! The problem always comes to what gift to send.  She sends cards to all of us for EVERY holiday! She is in her later life and recently has had some health concerns that are giving her a little less energy to do things. Luckily when I spoke with her a couple of weeks back she told me she would love if I would send her some cards to put together. She even told me what kind she wanted!!!   I was so relieved! She wanted the one we call a 5 step card. We cut the bases and a coordinating paper and she can use it for any occasion she wants!





Here’s her card!













She called me this afternoon and said she got a package and was jumping up and down, even though she can’t anymore! I’m so glad she liked it and I really get excited when I get feedback!


Thanks for listening to my ramblings!



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