Cricut Iron on

This week I am trying to get a display ready for my classes at Joannn’s. The projects for my class are a multi layered card, window cling and iron on.

The iron on was supposed to be a tote with a US map but I don’t want to do that so I did an apron!! Besides now it can be part of my Valentine’s display!!

It was tough to design and then figure out the tricks to the iron on and I made a mistake or two but I think it turned out cute! Next time sure won’t take me as long. This time took me about 2 hours. That is way too long but now that I have done it once I think I could do it in about half the time. The colors didn’t come out too good either.  the burgundy looks black in the photo. But the colors are burgundy and fuchsia.


(The yellow marks are from the light box and are not on the apron)

I’m doing all kinds of things for my Valentines display this week so I will post more of those ideas as I get them done!!

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This Week

Sorry this is late, Christmas is throwing my schedule off!!! Not news to anyone that knows me!!!  But I wanted to send out some cards to all my friends that take the time to read my ramblings, and that took a little time.

I had one more card that I wanted to make and I got a few new stamps that I wanted to try out! ( they are Close to my Heart)  I love the pine boughs and pine cones!!! And I got these small Christmas greetings!!  So this was a fun card to make!!  Yes it is the bigger size but I made an envelope too!!  Another new thing for me was this pen that someone here in Missouri told me about that lets you add a little sparkle to your work.  It’s hard to tell in the pictures but there are glitter highlights on the stamped images and the “flower” punches!  They have these pens in lots of different colors but I could only find the clear one here.  That was fine with me because then I can use it everywhere!!!  The pen is called “wink of stella” and I found it at Micheal’s by the glues.  I think in Utah you could probably find it other places. It was not cheap here but supposedly it lasts a long time, I’ll keep you posted on that.  I did look online and Walmart had a good selection. so I will order from there next time.




I hope you all have a happy holiday and a blessed new year!!!

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pretty boxes

This week has been really busy for us again!!!  But I thought I’d show you how a pretty box can make a fun addition to your gifts!  And give you a little bit of help as to how they assemble best.  I cut this box, lid and bow out on the Cricut.  That was all pretty easy and self explanatory. But because of the way I see things assembling it was the hard part for me.  The Cricut scores all the lines that need folded so that is where you start.  You think everything folds to the inside but some of the tabs fold the opposite way.  So with some help from Steve we figured it out so I could help my ladies do it in class.  This is a fairly easy thing to do unless you have stiffness in your hands.  The folds are small and the space to put glue is small.  I have used several different adhesives and the ones that seem to work best are the 2 sided tapes that are extra sticky.  Make sure your folds are good and tight before you start gluing.  I applied tape to everywhere before I started to put it together. And that is another reason I like the 2 sided tape, because you can put all the tape on but not peel the paper off until you are ready to stick that area.  I like this box because the tabs (when you do them correctly) help stabilize the box (and lid). The tabs are meant to fold inside and attach to the side of the box that it is not attached to, so the adhesive is on both sides of those little tabs.  The tabs really are the key to a stable box and lid because they fold onto the opposite sides and make the corners good and crisp.  The bow is  pretty easy, you just line up all the middle curves.  The Cricut example has the bow just stuck down the sides of the box. but I wanted mine to open without damaging the box. So you can see that I adhered it to the side of the box and then cut it off and adhered it to the lid.

Ok a video would be better but I’m not that good yet!! lol lol lol

I made this box to take a gift to a gift exchange. I put a necklace in it. The box was the hit.  I also took the sample paper ornament cut outs I did for my demoing at joanns and those were a big hit. Sometimes I’m surprised what people like and what isn’t so liked.  Guess I just need to do more!!!!

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Cricut Class

Well, this week I got the lesson plans from Joann’s for the first 2 Cricut classes they want to be taught.  So I have been working on the first one.  It makes a card, a box and bow, and a vinyl monogram for a notebook.  I didn’t want a notebook so I did a mug.  I thought if I did them all 3 in the same colors then when I do the project samples for the second class I could use a different color and it wouldn’t be confusing.  So here’s what I came up with…

And now Steve wants me to make cards for his work. I need a dozen all the same so I’m working on that today.  I got it done.  The one on the left is the design for Steve.  The one on the right is with another tree sticker that I had.



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