Finger knit bunnies

This week I am still in the Easter spirit and bunnies are multiplying!!  I saw these cute finger knit bunnies and wanted to try them so here goes!!

first attempt
third attempt and I think cute!

These are really simple to do and a great project for kids!!! Mine are pretty small.  The light color is all one piece and measures about 24″ long is all.  Making that length takes me between 15 and 20 minutes.  The face is shorter and so takes less time.  The tying and glue take just as long as the making!!

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Layered Bunny

I just realized that last week’s post didn’t post so this week you are getting 2!! Sorry about that.

This week is another of those don’t give up things. I saw this bunny in the Make it Now projects on Cricut and wanted to make it. So I picked out a bunch of pink papers and went for it!! Steve came home and said it looked like an evil, bunny! It did seem a little not cute. So today I sized it down and only used 1 pattern paper and a solid. And now I think it is cute!!

Remember you don’t have to get it right every time!!

evil bunny!!!
Cute bunny!


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Pompom Bunnies

I wanted to blog today about how fun and easy these pompom bunnies are to make…..but as I got into it, I had a couple of issues. But I’m blogging about it anyway thanks to the encouragement of my hubby Steve!!!

Sometimes being a crafter for so many years makes you think that you should be able to do everything right, or at least ok the first time. And so I felt with pompom bunnies. I watched a few videos and said I can do that and have the Cricut help me. I planned on the Cricut cutting the cardboard for the circles to wrap the yarn on to make the pompoms and to cut the ears for the bunnies.

Steve helped me design the circles on my Cricut for the yarn and that was hard just to get the sizing right. Then I wrapped the yarn so tight that the edge of the cardboard folded over and as I was trying to cut (with my dull scissors) I was having to cut through cardboard as well as yarn! Frustrating!!! And then to trim them and get them even was not as easy as it looked and I still don’t feel like I did that very well.

Then I cut the bunny ears out on the Cricut from stiff felt. The Cricut worked great!!! I was sure I was home free! Then I started to glue the pieces together. After I was “done” I looked at it and saw a mouse, not a bunny


I was discouraged. I didn’t want to start over even though it didn’t take me very long to do.

But I talked to Steve and he reminded me that I tell people that I teach to not be so hard on themselves and that not every project turns out like we want the first time. So start over I did!!! And now I think I have a bunny!! and a mouse!!!



Wanting summer to get here!!!

I am so wanting the summer and warmer weather to come that when I saw these cute paper boxes on Pinterest I decided to try and make them.  I just printed them out on my printer on normal printer paper,  The ice cream cone was kind of a pain and I definitely would buy the pre- cut, pre- folded version from the website if I wanted to make them, but the ice cream sandwich and the popsicle were easy to do and I can see doing them again for something!!!!


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