Sorry I didn’t blog last week, I don’t really know why I didn’t. I’ll try and show you 2 fun things this week to make up for it!!

First is this Easter basket! I’ve had it made for a little while but not had the decorations for it. I finally found these cute garden picks yesterday! They are just the right color for the paper I used and just the right size! If I were to make the basket again I would make it bigger, some of the detail didn’t cut very well this small! But I have limited space for my display so …. And I had to put it together with hot glue to hold it together, you know how I hate hot glue!! LOL


Next I thought I might just do a little tutorial on what the difference is between white core and not white core paper and how to tell the difference.

It used to be that both kinds of paper were very common, now it seems hard to find the white core. The labels used to say if they weren’t white core because white core was so common place (at least in Utah).  Now it seems like (in Missouri) that white core is the exception and solid core is the common.   So here is  little help to understand and tell the difference.  I bought 2 paper packs recently, one said white core, one said just card stock

So this is looking at the ends. The white core is on the top and the solid is on the bottom.  You can see that the white core looks a little cloudy.  That is because on the ends you have a layer of the color, a layer of white (core) and then another layer of the color.  The solid is just color all the way through the layers.

So why would you want one over the other? Mostly the difference comes when you are tearing or distressing the paper.  So I have some pictures here showing the difference.  The first is just the 2 papers, looking very similar.

Then I ran them both through my Cuttlebug embossing machine and

you can see a little difference.


Then i took my sanding tool to each of them, making sure I did the same pressure, times over it, etc.

Also when you are doing a torn edge there is a lot of difference.

I think you can see the difference now.  The white core shows the white through where the solid just becomes a shade lighter.  So if you want the embossed image or distressing to show more you want the white core. I like both and use them both depending on the look I want on my project!!

I hope this was informative and somewhat helpful!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!



Box valentine’s

Since I learned to make these box cards I have been kind of obsessed!  I have gone a little overboard, but am happy with the results!  Here are the ones I am sending to my kids!!

They all lay flat so they go in a standard card envelope! And then they fold out to the box when opened!  I’m having a lot of fun wth this and hope you do too!!

Thanks for reading!