Father’s Day card

I know father’s day is a few weeks away but this card is super simple and you kids can do it so here it is! I got the idea and video from www.hellowonderful.com

It takes one piece of 8.5×11 paper and then I cut the tie out with my cricut. I used the plain black tie the comes with the Access account and made it 3.5 long and .95 wide. I think it is perfect!!!
If you are making them and have issues please let me know and I’d be happy to help. Happy to cut you out some ties and send to you also!

You can see from the photos that you can add a photo or a blank piece of paper to write on!! Have fun with this!!!

card front

card inside

If you fold it right the stripe should not have the white triangle in the bottom!  Sorry, just refold it if you do what I did!!!


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Black Card Bases

Black base butterfly card set

It’s been a really long time since I made a card set and used black as the bases. So I found these butterflies that I thought would look great on the black bases and today I made them up. Working with black can be a challenge. It’s important to remember that black makes things stand out all on their own so you don’t need to pop as much and you want to make sure you are not too busy!

I used one white base that I dirtied with black ink. I realize that i will have to write the sentiment with a pen that shows up on the black or put white piece of paper in the insides. I think that the set looks good! I hope you like it too!!! Card 1 has glitter on the embossed parts, the photo doesn’t really show it too well. It kind of just shows some white spots.

card 1 outside
card 1 inside
card 2 outside
card 2 inside
card 3 outside
card 3 inside
card 4 outside
card 4 inside
card 5 outside nothing on the inside


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Halloween Early

It has been a while since I have done any ceramics and I wanted to do this spider and web plate the minute I saw them!!! I know it is a long time until Halloween, but dang it I’m going to be ready!!! I want to do a whole family of them in all different colors!!! If I get to I will post more pictures!!!

Just the plate
Just the spider
The two together

Bisque bought at Pottery Island, Columbia Missouri

We got to see how the vinyl ribbons look on the girls helmets!!  Thought we’d share a photo!









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More “stained” glass

So this week I wanted to get the other “stained”glass vase/candle holder done. I had done it once and did’t like the way it turned out so I undid it all and threw it away and started over. This time I like it!! I hope you do too!!!

The first photo is just the vase in daylight and probably my favorite. The second is with  candle in a dark room. and the third is with a candle in the daylight.  I used a yellow flame led candle and I’m not sure I like that. I really like it just for flowers or something!!!


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never ending card

A lot of people that have seen the never ending card have asked me how they would use it. So today I though I’d show you the one I just made for my daughter-in-law for mother’s day. Sorry Ashley if you see it here before you get it!  It was done with 1 printed paper that I cut the things out of, but you could use what you want. I am making one for a child next and will post that when I have it done!








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