Dino Birthday Card

It was our sweet granddaughter’s birthday this month and she loves dinos! So we decided to make a shaped card for her!

Here are the elements that we cut from Cricut.






This is the inside of the base.





Some people do the shape just on the front side of the card but we like it shape on both front and back.

We wanted it to say Happy Birthday but weren’t sure how to make it fit! We did not want to hand write it! So here are the elements of that before they were put together. We found that the cutting small things out of thin paper results in tears and tears! But there is a cheap solution! We have been using clear contact paper. It is sometimes tricky to peel that off after it is cut but sure saves paper and since the thinner paper is usually you designs and a little more expensive, it is well worth the contact paper!






Here it is put together.








And here is the finished card! We used the shiny glossy stuff on a few spots, just for fun!









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