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It has been a couple of weeks since we blogged; we have been doing things for the Boutique. We had a couple of people stop by and we are grateful for that! One of them liked the shadowboxes but wanted something with cats, so we got one in and made it up yesterday!

It’s been a while since we blogged about the process so we thought today we would again.

So the frames come in black and white. They are a sectioned frame with a metal back.

The wooden pieces that go in the frame and are different themed come all together.

Then we pick out papers and cut them to the shapes. This is the time consuming part and the part where you can make it your own. You can purchase the kit we have made up or bring us you papers and we can cut it out for you. The tricky part of this is finding patterns that are small enough for the pieces. We are ALWAYS on the lookout for small patterned papers!

Then there is the painting , if you decide to paint some or all of the pieces. On this particular one, we only painted the milk bottle and the aquarium but  we have painted a lot more on other kits.

Then it is time to glue the papers to the pieces. It is all pretty easy and fast. We use a wood glue but modge podge would work fine as well. Sometimes there are other embellishments that we add but that is really a design by design thing.

When everything is dry we attach the magnets to the background piece of each section and place it in the frame! The fun part is then you just take out one theme and set in the next!


We like to try it in both colored frames and see which one we like best!

So you can purchase all the pieces and take it to your home to put it together, paint and glue not included. You can come here and have us help you put it together, paint and glue included. You can purchase the theme already completed or the completed theme and frame already to be displayed in your home!

Shadow Box Decoration

Frame                 $20

Decoration     $25

Class                   $ 5

                               $50     You Make It


Completed     $60

Thanks for stopping by!



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