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This is a long blog! It has a lot more detail about what we used and how we put it together!

For a couple of weeks we have been working on this project. We already had everything but we will try and tell you where we got things.

Printed canvases are available at Hobby Lobby. This one was a gift to me from a friend. We were all going to get together and work them up in our own way. Then the pandemic hit. So I asked her if I could do mine up for a graduation gift for someone special!







This is as we are trying to come up with an idea of what to do. We knew we wanted to make it pop off the canvas, (because I can’t really paint) but weren’t sure if it would work.

The first thing we did was use wax paper and trace the different parts of the skull. Then we cut those pieces out of the different papers.








The hardest thing to figure out was the horns. We thought we might be able to find some plastic toy ones but had no luck.  Then we thought maybe toilet paper rolls but that didn’t work either.  So then we decided to try and cut them out of a pool noodle.








Once those were painted they were the first things to attach. We were a little worried about not covering up all the printing but decided that it was ok and not noticeable. We used Weld Bond to attach them. 

The only thing we did buy were the feathers because we wanted brown ones.  But the rest of the things were all things we had in stock. The leaves were from a flower stem we had taken apart and used for something else, the white flowers were from Dollar Tree and we try to always have some in stock to use for filler. The burlap flowers and the large brown flowers were from too long ago to remember!

We wanted the large brown flower to have something in the center. We thought of seed beads and we happened to have lots of those in stock! So we mixed them with some glue and set the flower in a portion cup to start to dry and set.  We cut the portion cup down so that the flower could spread a little more are the top. We let that set overnight and the next morning took it out and flattened it out some. It was not dry all the way at that point.















Once all the components were ready we just started to assemble. We used hot glue to attach everything else. The paper pieces do have pop up dos on the back for their  height. Once the other things were down we needed the main flower to be a little higher so we added a small piece of floral foam for it to set on.













Then it was time for the words and dots. We used a frosted glass writer that made it more dimensional, It was a dark purple and we liked it, but the next morning it had dried to a black color. We think that it looks fine too!















So there you have the finished product! We hope the recipient likes it!



P.S. We just got back from delivering it and she said she loved it!!!!!!!


Thanks for reading this very long blog!!!


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