A Beachy Gift

My friend lives in Utah and loves the beach! You really don’t get that in Utah so we decided to make her a little something to help her have  a little beach in Utah.

We’ve never tried anything like this before, so the first thing to figure out was the sand. We got white sand and some black pebbles. We mixed the sand with some glue and then put a few pebbles into it. The only issue was that it spread as it dried so we had to keep an eye on it to keep it in place. This is the sample to see if it would hold. It dried very stiff and hard!








We found some shells and a frame and started to make the background. The only thing here was that it was very heavy! So heavy that hanging it on a wall was not a good idea! Luckily she had a place to just set it! This photo is while we were just laying the shells out, not in the sand. The other issue with this was the depth of the shadowbox frame.  We wanted to put a chair in the frame as well and so space was tricky.  We ended up having to sand off a little of some of the shells to get it to fit.








The next thing was to find a chair that was the right size. To say we looked everywhere would be an understatement! You would think that somewhere would have a small beach chair, but nope. So we decided we would have to make our own. Of course we went to the internet and found multiple videos on how to make them. So we did! The first one was the right height but not the right depth and we couldn’t really figure out how to make that different. The second one was too small.  We ended up cutting the bigger one in half and positioning it straight and we were happy with the way it turned out. And we used the small one with the bow on top of the frame.








We used the same sand mix on the bottom of the frame to make sand and to stick the chairs in. This was harder than just the back to keep it where it needed to be as it dried because you had to keep it out of where the back would sit.

The only thing left to do was to pick some sayings and get the vinyl on. We wanted to put it on the inside so to do that you need to remember to mirror the image before you cut it out and it changes the color of the vinyl slightly.








A fun bow and  we hope she likes it!










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