Magnetic Calendars

We are proud to offer Magnetic Calendars from Foundations Decor.

These are a DIY project.

You can move the days around to match whatever month you are in.

You can get a black or white frame

There are some special tiles for those special holidays, birthdays.

I have designed some paper kits for those so you can spice up your calendar.   They are included with the base calendar.

There is an additional Special Days set you can purhase.

There are areas for magnetic inserts for each month.  They are DIY.  I am in the process of designing the paper kits to go with them.

These slots can be interchanged with shadow box kits.

You can purchase the kits or buy the finished sets.


Or you can put in your own.  You can use a magnet to hold a picture of your loved ones or animals.  You can have a printed list of birthdays for each month and use a magnet to put it up.

You want to put up a list of things to do.

Perhaps a favorite scripture.

You might put up your list of scriptures you want to read for the week or month.

The possibilities are endless.