About Us

We have been in the paper crafting business for 18 years!! We love scrapbooking because of the great legacy that it creates; everyone has a story to tell and we believe that scrapbooks are the way to tell it! Traditional scrapbooking and the simple accents that keep our photos as the focus has always been our goal. Over the years, we have helped many people to complete albums that will be a treasure for generations.

Now we are trying to start a new chapter in our business. We aren't leaving the scrapbooking, just adding to it!! So, you will find a variety of paper crafts as well as new, fun crafts we are playing with. There will be a calendar for our events where you can print off a copy of the calendar, as well as a blog where we will be keeping you updated about what we are creating! There will also be a gallery of ideas as well as a gallery of current projects available, and an online store! We will be adding new things weekly, so you will want to come back often to see what's new!!