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Little Apron

I was at my local dollar store and I saw these aprons. They had them in all different colors, and of course, I had to get one in my favorite yellow! I didn’t really pay attention to the size, so when I got it home and got it out of the package I was a little surprised that it was a child’s size! No worries; I will just do something else with it. I got on my Cricut program and designed this cute “little Artist” graphic! I think it turned out very cute!

One of the challenges was that this apron is 100% polyester and says not to iron it. I was worried that it would melt under the heat. And I didn’t want to get anything stuck on my press. So I put a thin towel under it, between the heat pad, and then another towel over the top of it. I also only heated it for 15 seconds! It worked great!


The HTV is a shiny purple! The pictures don’t do it justice! lol lol lol



If you know a little artist that needs this darling apron, it is for sale!! $4.00 And if you need more, I can have them made up in a hurry!!


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Never-ending Card

This week I have had a couple of projects going. One is this basket form I bought cheap and then I wanted to give a never-ending card a try.

The basket is just a form and you get your own yarn or whatever to do it with. It was a little time consuming but I like the end result!






The never-ending card took a couple of tries to get right. You have to get the measurements right and straight and then the adhesive needs to be strong enough to hold. I have some cheaper tape runner that didn’t hold but then I used my CM and it held great. A never-ending card is a card that you can open to 4 different sides and then it repeats those sides as long as you keep folding. I have a lot of photos this week, I hope they show things clearly!


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