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Christmas Boxes

We had a few requests for some Christmas boxes like we did for Halloween. It took us a little bit to find the boxes and we found some that weren’t the book style first.  So we decided to tie them all up with ribbons!!! There are a few more that I don’t have tied yet, we will add the pictures in the next couple of days!!!




















They are just $12.00 a set!  Just shot us an email if you are interested in one!

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New Card!!

Laying down


Standing up



This is a step card. This week I asked Steve to help me program in a card template that I got off the internet. I thought “I love this card but drawing the template then cutting and scoring took so long!” So I thought if Steve could program it into my new Cricut we could cut and score it anytime we wanted to make one!! It took him a little bit to figure it out, but he did it!!! It is such a cool thing that now I can just send a paper through my Cricut and have the card base done! Now I am asking him to put the accent paper cuts in! They are the same lines so maybe it won’t be so bad! lol lol lol So here is my first attempt, hope you like it!!


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