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Stars and Stripes

Hi, Friends!

I wanted to do a Fourth of July craft and saw something similar to this. I wondered if I could make it two-sided!! I’m really happy with the way it turned out! I hope you are too!

Steve cussed when I mentioned glitter, but I figured out a way that it didn’t cause much mess. I carefully put some glitter in a small ziplock baggie. I painted the star white and while the paint was still wet, I gently pressed each side into the pile of glitter in the baggie. Then, I tapped it off while still in the baggie. After it dried completely, I painted over the glitter with glue. The glitter isn’t coming off!!!

I love the fact that this is two-sided because it looks good in a window from the outside and the inside! Also, the striped side is general enough that you can show your patriotism all year long!

I do have supplies to make more of these! If you would like to come and make one just let me know! I am doing small (1-3 people) classes and can work it around your schedule! The class is $20 and I supply everything! If you don’t live close enough to come and do one for yourself, or you just want me to do it for you – the cost is $25. (papers may vary)




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