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Little Apron

I was at my local dollar store and I saw these aprons. They had them in all different colors, and of course, I had to get one in my favorite yellow! I didn’t really pay attention to the size, so when I got it home and got it out of the package I was a little surprised that it was a child’s size! No worries; I will just do something else with it. I got on my Cricut program and designed this cute “little Artist” graphic! I think it turned out very cute!

One of the challenges was that this apron is 100% polyester and says not to iron it. I was worried that it would melt under the heat. And I didn’t want to get anything stuck on my press. So I put a thin towel under it, between the heat pad, and then another towel over the top of it. I also only heated it for 15 seconds! It worked great!


The HTV is a shiny purple! The pictures don’t do it justice! lol lol lol



If you know a little artist that needs this darling apron, it is for sale!! $4.00 And if you need more, I can have them made up in a hurry!!


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Mother’s Day

Hi, Everyone!

I got an EasyPress for Christmas and hadn’t been able to use it yet. I decided to make my girls matching shirts for their girls as a Mother’s Day gift! I found a giraffe for Jess and MaryLu and a sloth for Ashley and Hope. It was so much easier and quicker to do them with the EasyPress than it is to do it with an iron!!! They turned out sooooo cute!!! I was so excited to see their reactions! The girls liked them, too!! It was so fun to see Hope point out the nose on her mom’s shirt and then the nose on her shirt! The only way it could have been better was if we had gotten to be there in person!

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