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Taking a Break

I’m sorry there wasn’t a blog last week. And there won’t be for a few more weeks. I am taking a break to address some health concerns. Hopefully that won’t be long.

Thanks for your support!!!

Shadow Box Autumn Time

Autumn Time is now completed.  I did something different with this one.  I painted the wood, then applied the paper.   To make it look distressed, I sanded the edges.

This fits into either the black or white shadow box frame.  Each piece has a magnet on the back to make it stay in place.  I pulled one of the pieces out to show you.

Hope you enjoy.  Let me know if you are interested in making one of these.  Lu


Spectrum Noir Markers

Well, I got some markers at a good price; and have not done anything with them since I bought them. Then, yesterday this came in the mail!!

I really like this magazine; and signed up to get a year’s worth on HSN a year ago. It was about $20.00 for each magazine and I think I got 4. The kick to it is that you got a CD full of images and papers, a tutorial CD, a stamp set, a die set and an embossing folder each time.

I’m always excited to do the projects in the magazine because you get all the images with it so you can reproduce everything exactly. Well, if you are as good at the tools as they are!! This time I love the flowers and the peacock on the front and wanted to try that immediately!!

So, here are my first tries; not so good. My first try was on normal, kind of light weight cardstock.  I used a normal, black ink pad. You can tell that it didn’t work well. The markers went all the way through the paper and the blending smeared everything!!

Then, I remembered that I had bought some paper that was special for the markers. Attempt two. I started with the normal ink pad but then, remembered hearing somewhere that you need to use a different ink. I had an old StazOn pad and tried that. The markers still went all the way through. And the ink still smeared.

Looks like I need to watch some tutorials!!! We all have those things that just don’t work the first time; and a little knowledge might help us do them better!!! Never be afraid to try something new! Not doing it completely to your satisfaction the first time opens the door to learn!!! I’ll let you know how my learning goes!


More Wedding Things

I told you that I was doing some things for a wedding and I thought that you’d like to see.  I had the Cricut write and cut everything!  The shape for this one was a Celebrate sign on the Cricut software.

These are double sided signs that are going in the centerpieces.  They read great in person but not so good in the photo. And yes I caught the spelling error and redid!

This sign is for the food table.  The bride brought me the frame and I made the sign to fit. It is just paper but looks really nice in the frame.

These are going on the thank you bags. Yes there is a red, white and black theme!


I’m so glad that the bride likes everything!!!  We did a few more things that I will post next week!


Headed to Utah to a funeral, planning on picking up some more fun stuff!!  Come back soon!!!!









Wedding Stuff Done!

So, here are the rest of the wedding things. Again, I had the Cricut do as much as I could. On the invitations I used Word and printed them.

This is a sign that they are putting on the road to help people find the venue; we did 3 of these.  This is obviously a second marriage for each of them!!

Because this is a second marriage they wanted to remember those that have passed on.  The bride found this saying and she is going to put pictures on the sides. This was an 11″ x 14″ sign they are putting on a table.

This is the invitation. We had to have the printing done with our inkjet printer because I couldn’t get it to work right on the Cricut.  Then, you can see that we put it on black paper and decorated it!  This is a small one, we did 20 of these. Then, we also did a couple that were 8.5″ x 11″ that they posted in their church meeting houses.


Thanks for taking time to stop by!!!!

P.S. We went to Utah last week, so more new fun stuff coming soon!!!


Wedding Sign

I told you all last week that I was working on some things for a wedding. So, I thought I’d show you one of the things.

This is a wood frame I bought from the clearance section at my local hobby store. I have cut a lot of vinyl, but haven’t applied it to the wood myself before; so, this was a new thing for me. I have previously cut the vinyl at work and the other people have applied it; and they always use a sealer over it. I didn’t want to use a sealer if I didn’t need to. I’ve watched some how to’s and decided just to try it. The board looks like it is kind of white washed and feels chalky, but that didn’t stop me! I like the look of the frame and the base board. I felt like adding a sealer would change the look.

I typed in, chose a font, sized and cut out the saying in Cricut Design Space. I used Cricut Permanant vinyl because it was on sale this week. Then I weeded. It was a little harder to weed than some other brands I’ve used, but I got it weeded okay.

Now to get the transfer tape on without bubbles. This design is 9.5″ x 16.5″ so it was a large area to cover straight. Steve helped and we got that done.

Next step was to get it on the board! Once we had it straight and centered, getting it down again without bubbles is the trick. I’ve done this on things before, but nothing of this size. But with Steve’s help we got it down!

Let the braising begin!! I knew it could be harder because the finish on the wood was not very smooth or thick. So, I pushed hard and long! It’s hard to tell if you have this step done enough.  Then we started to peel the transfer tape. When it came off the board white, we got a little worried. We had several places where the lettering was coming with the transfer tape. I put back and braised again each time. Some of them I had to pick off the transfer tape with my fingernail and then peel. At this point I was pretty sure we were going to need a sealer.

Once we got it all off the transfer tape and on the board I used my hair dryer to warm the lettering up and took the liner sheet and braised it all again really well. We decided to let it set over night and see what happened.

The next morning when I checked it, almost everything was stuck to the board well except the first letter. I wondered what to do to fix just that one spot. I finally decided to use some wood glue I had and see if that would fix it, if not a sealer was the next choice.

It worked Great!!! I just brushed a little on the part of the letter that wasn’t stuck and carefully put it back down. Again I left it overnight. It is all sticking great now!! And I’m so glad because I have 3 more frames that I want to do something on!!


New Shadowbox

Sorry this is so late getting posted, today was our granddaughter’s birthday.

We saw these shadowboxes at a store we visited and could see so many different, fun possibilities! So we decided to get a couple in and do one up to see how it went.

So it comes with the shadowbox separate from the wood kit, in white or black. Then you can just change the decor out whenever you want because the pieces are magnetized.  The back of the shadow box is metal.

And then there are a lot of different wood kits you can do. We decided to start with the summer kit.  This is what it looks like.

I used paper that I already had on hand. I love the bright colors!!!

We have just 2 of these kits available at this time! We will get more in if there is interest. I have a Autumn kit that I am working on as soon as I get some things done for a wedding I’m helping with.  And then there will be some other fun ideas we have thought of or have had suggestions for.

Together the frame, wood, paper and embellishments run $45+tax.  Then the next kit would be $25+tax to do because you already have the shadow box.

We will be having class  May 4th at 10 a.m. and we think you can have it done in 3 hours.  We will have everything cut so you are just putting it together.

Reserve your set now



Spring Page Kits Crop

As the new year started, I was researching what might be popular this year and the color that seems to be on that list is this coral pink.

As I was out in the stores later, I found this paper pack! And it could be perfect for Easter or Mother’s day!

The pages are simple to help keep the focus on your pictures, but I think they are pretty and fun! One of my friends said that the page with the LOVE on it is too pretty to use!! Lol lol lol Nothing is too pretty to use!


There are 5 double page spreads, and I used leftover materials to make 5 fun cards as well!! We think it would be fun to have a Crop Day where you could come and make the kit, but also stay and work on your own projects! I think the projects will take about 3 hours to complete if you are just putting them together, but it depends on how fast you are!!

The dates we have it scheduled are Saturday, April 27th 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. and Monday, April 29 9 a.m.-5 p.m. the cost is $45.00+tax . This includes everything for the pages and cards except your adhesives. (I used tape runner, pop up dots, and glue dots.) It also includes lunch!

4 Kits Remaining

Signup now


Planter Pot Bunny

I know you have all seen these around this year and there are many variations. So, I decided to try my hand at it. My issue with some is that if they are in a live plant, they will get wet and icky quickly! Instead, I wanted to try and do one on a plastic egg, so that it didn’t have to come into contact with the dirt. I also thought, “Hey, use the top half for a face!” Here is what my experience taught me.

I bought white eggs, pompoms, felt, googly eyes and a brush. I found a pattern for the ears and feet on my Cricut.  I figured I was set.
I quickly made up a bottom and a top. Well, the top was way too pointed for a bunny face. So, I moved it to a bottom of the egg. I still  wasn’t too happy with the way it looked. I let it set for a couple of days.

A few days later, I still didn’t like them and had been thinking how to do it cuter and “better”. This morning, I decided to try again. My friend had given me some gray yarn and I know how to make my own pompom, but that wasn’t going to help the wet and icky issue. So, I decided to wrap the bottom of the egg with the yarn. That just wasn’t fluffy enough, either! Many of you may know, I’m not a fan of the hot glue gun. However, people have told me I just need more practice. Here was my chance! I cut pieces of the gray yarn and glued them to the yarn I had wrapped around the egg bottom, starting at the open end. I really did get a little better with the glue gun!!! Then, I trimmed the yarn and  it was time to cut the feet out of the felt.
I thought this would be no big deal because I had cut some out for a friend the night before. Well, her felt and my felt were different so cutting mine out was really frustrating! I finally figured it out; and then, decided that the bunny tail was too small! I didn’t want to run to the store and my pompoms are buried in our mess still. Solution: I used 4 small ones. I think it would be better with just one big one, but this works. Now, I bet you are wondering about that wet and icky part, right? Well, I just left enough space on the bottom that I could put the egg back together; and then it will be the top of the egg in the dirt!


Thanks for listening to me ramble on a bit today!!!


We have gravel!!!

I now that this isn’t a big deal to everyone but it is a huge step for us!! We got gravel on our driveway so we can have our events here!!!! We are so excited!!!

So card class on April 6th @ 10 a.m. will be held here!!

The address is 2663 State Road A, Auxvasse. But we aren’t really in Auxvasse.
Directions: Take I-70 to exit 155. Turn north and go 2.5 miles and we are on the left. I will put directions with the supply list for those of you that are coming!!!

Thanks for supporting us!!!!!