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Wedding Bubbles

With our daughter, Jessica getting married we needed to come up with some thank you gifts for each table.  Jessica loves bubbles.  Here are some cute bubbles we found.

Add some green initials J and G to the bubble bottles.  Jessica’s color is dark green.  They were cut on the Cricut machine.  And some blue ribbon to the wand.   Gene’s color is Electric Blue.

Here they are.

Animals for Steve

So this project was for someone that Steve works with.  They had done some kind of team building with this animal matching game where she had just written the names of animals on index card.  Steve thought it would be fun and nice if we made her animals to go on the cards.

It was good to do with Steve because it let him see the process  little more with the Cricut machine.  And it helped him to learn how big you need the paper pieces to cut the image in the Cricut. This is a skill that anyone who uses the Cricut very often can tell you is a big deal! Having enough paper to cut the image out but not too much left to waste is sometimes a hard thing.  Three days later I still have paper scrap I haven’t taken care of!!! The side benefit of having Steve help me with this was that he got to know my new paper organizing system!!!!

The other part of this process was which layers of an image are necessary and which ones aren’t.  You have to be able to do this if you don’t want to waste paper.  Also not all the layers of an image are visible when you bring it into your mat. So all of that was a new learning curve for Steve.

I hope she likes them!

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Halloween Cat

So I really like to paint ceramics and dry brushing is my favorite technique.  Sometimes it is hard to find things that have the detail to paint.  I saw this cat in the store and it was 50% off!  Well you know I love a deal!  Only one problem, it is plaster and not ceramic.  Plaster paints totally different and doesn’t really hold up to the dry brush technique.  I thought this had enough rough edges that it would.

It did not hold up well. The plaster flakes off as the dry brush applies the paint! Well I had to make it work because I was determined to get it to!!! lol lol lol  I used  black for the base on it all and it took one more coat than it should have.  Then I used gray and blue on the stones and that went without too much problem.  Then I used purple and gray on the cat.  This was where it really started to have problems. Just the pressure of the dry brushing made the black come off in a lot of places. I just kept going and came back in with more gray or purple trying to cover the white spots.

So it took a lot longer to do and more days of it sitting and then looking for fresh white spots but eventually this was the result!  I like it now that it is done but will try to find ceramic in the future!!


Halloween Lights

Sorry I have so much Halloween that we are past the holiday and still posting ideas! But we found so may fun things this year!

These next two thing are wood that we found at the local craft store for under $5.00. They both have lights in them, the 3 pumpkins one changes colors and blinks and the house one is just a solid.

So the pumpkins we gently took the light out and spray painted it black. The house one I just painted with a brush.  Then we scanned them into my Cricut software and started to play with the sizing. Once we got the sizing right things went pretty fast.

For the house I glued tissue paper between the light and the front to get that more diffused look.  But the light in the pumpkins had a bigger area to cover and didn’t work with tissue paper I ended up cutting each image 3 times to get what I wanted! I probably could have played with it more in the software and not cut so many times.  The house one was pretty fast, but with all the detail the pumpkins took about an hour a time to cut! Good thing I had multiple projects going that day!

Once I had the images cut out then I just glued the papers to the wood! Let that dry and give it a top sealing coat and they were done!!!

I think they turned out fun!!


12 Inch Frames

I found some really cool 12″ paper that had thoughts of inspiration on it and thought that I could put some in frames.  But finding a 12″ frame is not an easy or cheap thing to do. I found one for $7.50 at Walmart. You would think that for as long as the 12″ format has been around that there would be more frames that size readily available. So I was disappointed, but bought a couple anyway.  I am looking at them now and thinking they might need something else, maybe some vinyl accents or something. But here they are in the easy, fast format!

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Halloween Sign

When I first saw this sign in the projects for the Cricut, I thought it said Halloween. And I loved how it looked like it was black iron! But as I started to put this together for me, I noticed that it doesn’t really say Halloween as much as it says Hallo and then has it mirror imaged. I guess you can kind of just glance and see Halloween!!! Lol lol lol But once I see the other I can’t stop seeing it!

It was an easy project to do. I just cut the image out of black paper and then gray paper. Then I cut the parts off the gray where I wanted the black to show! Then I just glued the gray to the black, attached a straw and put it in a cute bucket!

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Halloween Light Bags

I have always loved those bags that people line their driveway and walks with on the holidays! You know the ones that you put a candle in and the image is cut out with tissue paper behind it so it looks like a paper jack-o-lantern.

They have seemed like they would take a lot of time and effort.  But the I saw some in my Cricut images and decided to try one!  And they are super, super, super fast and easy this way!!! I can’t wait to be in our house so I can make some full size  to lead down the driveway!!!!

Here’s the tiny version!

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Halloween Scene

I love the dimensional things you can do with the Cricut! And Halloween is no exception!  They had this scene done and put under a glass dome. It didn’t have the path or the yellow moon.  I didn’t want to put it under glass for display so I just found the moon and path on another image and put them together with pop up dots! I think it is perfect for your scrapbook page or you could put it in a frame for the holiday!

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Halloween Pops

I saw these Halloween cake pop holders and thought “those would be a perfect give away at my open house at Joann’s on October 9th”!

But can’t do cake. So I found some suckers and those worked well.But I wanted to make them smaller! You all know I can’t just do something like it says. Besides it takes too much material wise. so I shrunk them down and put those smaller suckers in them!

I think they turned out pretty cute!

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Halloween Pan Art

These cute pans came up on my Facebook page the other day and I so wanted to make them!!!

I love how fast they go together and how different you can make yours!  They are very inexpensive, and kids could have so much fun doing them.  The post had a witch head and a frankenstein that I didn’t do this time but I definitely will do them probably for next year! Also the post just drew the faces on with sharpie marker and I cut mine out of felt on the Cricut.

So I got my pans for $.88 a little spray paint and some gauze (I used tuelle that was on sale on the rolls), some ink and goggly eyes and you are there! I added the ribbon like the post did to hang it but you could leave that off and just hang it from the pan.

This last one I just wanted to be a pumpkin and not a jack-o-latern but you could definitely cut out a face if you wanted the jack-o-lantern!


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