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This Week -Watercolor and Dremel tooling for Christmas

Sorry that it is so late in the week that I am getting to this. I was trying to actually finish something!! That didn’t happen! It seems like it has been a busy week but I can’t figure with what! So I will just show you some of the practice stuff I have done.

I want to play with watercolors some more so I did these flowers. They aren’t done like I want them yet, they need some highlights and I am still trying to figure that out.0930161019c1

I really want to do this thing with Christmas ornaments and a Dremel tool. I figured out I need to draw on the shapes I want first and then use the Dremel. I’m not good enough to freehand it. And then it is going to take some more practice!! But here is a peek at the attempt!!09301610201

A Little Christmas

This week I have been trying some projects for my church group and they haven’t worked as well as I would like. But here are a couple of ideas for some easy, inexpensive ornaments! This last one is supposed to be a pine cone. I’m not sure it looks enough like one. I think maybe the paper is too patterned, or maybe I still don’t have the shape correct.  Anyway, I am trying one more thing this week and then will decide if and what to teach!!!


Have a great week and do something creative!!!