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Shaker Card Kit

I saw this card kit at one of my favorite stores and decided to get a couple to put together. I bought several different ones so we will talk about the others later.

This one was a shaker card, meaning you put glitter or something small behind a piece of acetate. Everything was included in the kit to make 6 cards, 2 of each design.

Box that the card kit came in.

I should tell you that I have never made a shaker card. I know how to but haven’t really ever made one.  I didn’t think about how much of the glitter/confetti to put in. The directions didn’t say.  I saw that the kit comes with 6 cards and 2 packs of confetti, so a third of the pack of glitter per card?

Card base and front. Glitter


Well, those of you with experience making these will know that it was way too much!!! I didn’t really get it right until about halfway through.

Using the mathematical approach. WAY TOO many glitters!
Left: Correct Amount. Right: TOO much. Lol

My next mishap was the aligning. They had all the adhesive already so I just peeled and lined up the card front. Well, I guess I’m not too good at that either!!! They are all off at least a little! Then at least one side is sticky. My solution was of course good old baby powder!

It has its own adhesive for the cover.
Using baby powder to cover the adhesive overhang.

I’m posting this to tell you all that no one gets it right the first time and that’s ok!!! If you get a card from me and you can’t read the sentiment because of too much bling in the shaker card, know that I love you so much that I wanted you to have a BIG, BIG party!!!!

Full set of shaker cards, in varying degrees of glitterfied!




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A Birthday Gift


My daughter-in-law’s birthday was in May.  With us living so far apart, it is hard sometimes to know what to get her. This year Alex said they had seen some of those decorative blocks and she liked them. So, I decided to try to make her some.  They had only seen the ones with one side done.  But I thought I would make her some multi-sided so that she could have them out all year-round. I didn’t make them just holiday-themed; there are a couple of more generic sides. The blocks are small (not quite 2″) and that was a challenge to find things that fit. I enjoyed the way they turned out!  I hope she likes them as well!


She is a big Disney fan so I pick up anything Disney when I find it cheap! Her husband told me that Ariel is the princess she was into at the moment. I’ve had this sticker for a while and I used it to make this card.  I love how the colors came together and I love the green paper!

Thanks for checking in!


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These last couple of weeks have really been busy! This week the coordinator at Joann’s wanted me to go in and “play” with her on the Cricut Monday. That was kind of fun!

Steve has put a couple of card bases in the Cricut and we are working the kinks out of that.

It has finally turned fall here, it seems like the trees all lost their leaves in one day!

And Steve put one of my holiday block sets up on his board at work and it sold right away!!

I had my first “class” “get together” at Joann’s on Friday and that was challenging but fun! One lady had the Explore but had never used it in 2 years. The other lady had an Expressions that wouldn’t stop blinking at us. And neither of them had any of the cords, power, or computer! I’m so glad that I knew enough about both machines to help them! Both ladies went home excited and signed up to do a fabric applique class on the 4th! {Monday when I went in to “play,” the coordinator told me I have 2 other ladies signed up for it as well!!}

So this week I just have a different step card to show you. Last week the Christmas one had 5 steps, this one has 4. And this one has a back to it! They are both things Steve has put into my Cricut so I don’t have to score or cut the steps or the decorative paper on the inside! What a man!!!

1026161317  1026161318a

New Card!!

Laying down


Standing up



This is a step card. This week I asked Steve to help me program in a card template that I got off the internet. I thought “I love this card but drawing the template then cutting and scoring took so long!” So I thought if Steve could program it into my new Cricut we could cut and score it anytime we wanted to make one!! It took him a little bit to figure it out, but he did it!!! It is such a cool thing that now I can just send a paper through my Cricut and have the card base done! Now I am asking him to put the accent paper cuts in! They are the same lines so maybe it won’t be so bad! lol lol lol So here is my first attempt, hope you like it!!

Simple Step Card

Front ViewSide View

Today I just made a simple step card! They can be a lot more elaborate than this one, but today I went for simple. There are a lot of tutorials out there for these kinds of cards, I have just not ever made one and I’m betting a lot of you haven’t too! It can look intimidating! But I have to say that a good tutorial and it makes it seem easy. If you want to make one I’d be happy to Skype with you and walk you through it step by step!!

Have a great, creative week!!!

Watercolor Card


I tried a technique that I saw with embossing and watercolors. I’m not very good at watercolors! But here is the idea.

You emboss the paper and then draw over the raised parts with a crayon and then the watercolor doesn’t go past that. I did a couple of different color crayons so you could see.

I’m sorry I am doing mostly paper crafts but that is the stuff I have unpacked! Lol.  We are signing the papers Friday for a piece of land, but it still will be some time before we get a house and space for me to unpack everything. So please bear with us!! I am working on my red 3 wreath project and I am getting to the point I can see it being done soon. So maybe I will post an update to that later!!!

Thanks for reading my blog!!!

“You Make My Heart Smile” Card

This week I made this cute card! It is a simple card but fun to make and it has lots of places to write a note! I found these papers that I think match each other and then had the black pattern on the back! I’m not so good at figuring out how to get the paper cut the right way, so it took me a couple of tries. I’m sure that as I do more of them the cut will be easier to remember!

I’m also working on that 3 wreath thing I’ve had started for a long time. I’m trying to figure out the center part and will post pictures when I get that started!

Have a great, creative week!!!

Never-ending Card

This week I have had a couple of projects going. One is this basket form I bought cheap and then I wanted to give a never-ending card a try.

The basket is just a form and you get your own yarn or whatever to do it with. It was a little time consuming but I like the end result!






The never-ending card took a couple of tries to get right. You have to get the measurements right and straight and then the adhesive needs to be strong enough to hold. I have some cheaper tape runner that didn’t hold but then I used my CM and it held great. A never-ending card is a card that you can open to 4 different sides and then it repeats those sides as long as you keep folding. I have a lot of photos this week, I hope they show things clearly!


Thanks for visiting my blog!!!

A fun card

This week I got a couple of new tools and so I’m just trying to learn how to use them. Some are die cuts that make cool things on cards and edges. And then I got a thing to help us take better pictures. I hope they both work out. So anyway it has taken me some time to figure some of this out. So here is just one simple card I made today! I’m sure I’ll have more to show you soon!!!