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Work Space

With the loosening of some of the COVID 19 restrictions, we are hoping you will want to come and work on your crafting projects. Whether it is catching up your scrapbook or doing that new holiday decoration we would like to help. If you just need a little help, space away from distractions, or a girls’ night out we are here! 

We thought it would be good to show you the space we have set up for you to come and work in.

The dream is to have a self-standing shop, and to that end, we had the frame built when we had the house done. We couldn’t afford to have it finished on the inside and we will be doing that as we can.

For now, we are set up in the house. This isn’t the first time that the workspace has taken over my living room. When I first started way back in Utah in 1996 we set up tables in the living room as well! We all scrapbooked in it just great! I’m hoping this works out just as well. 

We have enough space to set up 4 8′ tables. We only have 2 tables set up at the moment but can set the others up as we need to.  Now that the restrictions for COVID have loosened a little, I’m hoping you will see a project you want to come and make!!! Bring your girlfriends and have a night out!!!




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Shaker Card Kit

I saw this card kit at one of my favorite stores and decided to get a couple to put together. I bought several different ones so we will talk about the others later.

This one was a shaker card, meaning you put glitter or something small behind a piece of acetate. Everything was included in the kit to make 6 cards, 2 of each design.

Box that the card kit came in.

I should tell you that I have never made a shaker card. I know how to but haven’t really ever made one.  I didn’t think about how much of the glitter/confetti to put in. The directions didn’t say.  I saw that the kit comes with 6 cards and 2 packs of confetti, so a third of the pack of glitter per card?

Card base and front. Glitter


Well, those of you with experience making these will know that it was way too much!!! I didn’t really get it right until about halfway through.

Using the mathematical approach. WAY TOO many glitters!
Left: Correct Amount. Right: TOO much. Lol

My next mishap was the aligning. They had all the adhesive already so I just peeled and lined up the card front. Well, I guess I’m not too good at that either!!! They are all off at least a little! Then at least one side is sticky. My solution was of course good old baby powder!

It has its own adhesive for the cover.
Using baby powder to cover the adhesive overhang.

I’m posting this to tell you all that no one gets it right the first time and that’s ok!!! If you get a card from me and you can’t read the sentiment because of too much bling in the shaker card, know that I love you so much that I wanted you to have a BIG, BIG party!!!!

Full set of shaker cards, in varying degrees of glitterfied!




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Little Apron

I was at my local dollar store and I saw these aprons. They had them in all different colors, and of course, I had to get one in my favorite yellow! I didn’t really pay attention to the size, so when I got it home and got it out of the package I was a little surprised that it was a child’s size! No worries; I will just do something else with it. I got on my Cricut program and designed this cute “little Artist” graphic! I think it turned out very cute!

One of the challenges was that this apron is 100% polyester and says not to iron it. I was worried that it would melt under the heat. And I didn’t want to get anything stuck on my press. So I put a thin towel under it, between the heat pad, and then another towel over the top of it. I also only heated it for 15 seconds! It worked great!


The HTV is a shiny purple! The pictures don’t do it justice! lol lol lol



If you know a little artist that needs this darling apron, it is for sale!! $4.00 And if you need more, I can have them made up in a hurry!!


Thanks for stopping by my blog!!





A Birthday Gift


My daughter-in-law’s birthday was in May.  With us living so far apart, it is hard sometimes to know what to get her. This year Alex said they had seen some of those decorative blocks and she liked them. So, I decided to try to make her some.  They had only seen the ones with one side done.  But I thought I would make her some multi-sided so that she could have them out all year-round. I didn’t make them just holiday-themed; there are a couple of more generic sides. The blocks are small (not quite 2″) and that was a challenge to find things that fit. I enjoyed the way they turned out!  I hope she likes them as well!


She is a big Disney fan so I pick up anything Disney when I find it cheap! Her husband told me that Ariel is the princess she was into at the moment. I’ve had this sticker for a while and I used it to make this card.  I love how the colors came together and I love the green paper!

Thanks for checking in!


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Mother’s Day

Hi, Everyone!

I got an EasyPress for Christmas and hadn’t been able to use it yet. I decided to make my girls matching shirts for their girls as a Mother’s Day gift! I found a giraffe for Jess and MaryLu and a sloth for Ashley and Hope. It was so much easier and quicker to do them with the EasyPress than it is to do it with an iron!!! They turned out sooooo cute!!! I was so excited to see their reactions! The girls liked them, too!! It was so fun to see Hope point out the nose on her mom’s shirt and then the nose on her shirt! The only way it could have been better was if we had gotten to be there in person!

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Stars and Stripes

Hi, Friends!

I wanted to do a Fourth of July craft and saw something similar to this. I wondered if I could make it two-sided!! I’m really happy with the way it turned out! I hope you are too!

Steve cussed when I mentioned glitter, but I figured out a way that it didn’t cause much mess. I carefully put some glitter in a small ziplock baggie. I painted the star white and while the paint was still wet, I gently pressed each side into the pile of glitter in the baggie. Then, I tapped it off while still in the baggie. After it dried completely, I painted over the glitter with glue. The glitter isn’t coming off!!!

I love the fact that this is two-sided because it looks good in a window from the outside and the inside! Also, the striped side is general enough that you can show your patriotism all year long!

I do have supplies to make more of these! If you would like to come and make one just let me know! I am doing small (1-3 people) classes and can work it around your schedule! The class is $20 and I supply everything! If you don’t live close enough to come and do one for yourself, or you just want me to do it for you – the cost is $25. (papers may vary)




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Patriotic Flag Set

Hi Everyone!
I know it has been a very long time since I have blogged. Those of you that know me, know that I have been having some health issues that have not resolved. I am dealing with it a little better; and on occasion, I am doing some crafting. I can’t tell you that I am going to be able to post every week, but I’m going to try to post some! So, here goes!

I wanted something patriotic to put in my front windows and these flags were just the thing! They are simple and classic! I made two different sets; the red and blue are just slightly different colors. They stand just the right height at 12.25″. These will look great set together on a shelf or table, or they look great spread throughout your room! You can use them just for July or leave them up all year round to show your patriotism! We have 5 sets in each color for sale, the cost is $15.00.

Use as a window display!

Thanks for reading!


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Spectrum Noir Markers

Well, I got some markers at a good price; and have not done anything with them since I bought them. Then, yesterday this came in the mail!!

I really like this magazine; and signed up to get a year’s worth on HSN a year ago. It was about $20.00 for each magazine and I think I got 4. The kick to it is that you got a CD full of images and papers, a tutorial CD, a stamp set, a die set and an embossing folder each time.

I’m always excited to do the projects in the magazine because you get all the images with it so you can reproduce everything exactly. Well, if you are as good at the tools as they are!! This time I love the flowers and the peacock on the front and wanted to try that immediately!!

So, here are my first tries; not so good. My first try was on normal, kind of light weight cardstock.  I used a normal, black ink pad. You can tell that it didn’t work well. The markers went all the way through the paper and the blending smeared everything!!

Then, I remembered that I had bought some paper that was special for the markers. Attempt two. I started with the normal ink pad but then, remembered hearing somewhere that you need to use a different ink. I had an old StazOn pad and tried that. The markers still went all the way through. And the ink still smeared.

Looks like I need to watch some tutorials!!! We all have those things that just don’t work the first time; and a little knowledge might help us do them better!!! Never be afraid to try something new! Not doing it completely to your satisfaction the first time opens the door to learn!!! I’ll let you know how my learning goes!


More Wedding Things

I told you that I was doing some things for a wedding and I thought that you’d like to see.  I had the Cricut write and cut everything!  The shape for this one was a Celebrate sign on the Cricut software.

These are double sided signs that are going in the centerpieces.  They read great in person but not so good in the photo. And yes I caught the spelling error and redid!

This sign is for the food table.  The bride brought me the frame and I made the sign to fit. It is just paper but looks really nice in the frame.

These are going on the thank you bags. Yes there is a red, white and black theme!


I’m so glad that the bride likes everything!!!  We did a few more things that I will post next week!


Headed to Utah to a funeral, planning on picking up some more fun stuff!!  Come back soon!!!!