Happy Birthday Popup Card

This is Steve.

I wanted to make my dad a birthday card.  I didn’t want to use a normal card.  I thought of a popup card.  I looked at the box popup that we have used before.  So I went searching on the internet for something.

I found a pop up balloon card that looked simple. 

Instructions can be found here http://paperproud.blogspot.com/2011/03/tutorial-3d- pop-up-balloon-card.html

I love to have the Cricut cut and score so I put in the design into Cricut and found some paper.  My handwriting is bad, so I had Cricut Write the big message.

Now you need to fold on the score lines, so you will have a base for the popups to set in.

Top view

Side view, the base of the popups set here in the middle.

Then you can decorate the front

And make the popups.  Use plastic acetate strips so they are see through.  You can use plastic from trays you might get rolls or vegetables in.  Just trying to be frugal.

This is what it looks like from the top

The decoration ideas came from Lu.  She is the creative one.  I had a lot of emotion in making this one.  It is his 99th birthday.




I love when Steve finds an idea he wants to do! This one was pretty simple for him! We all remember the ZigZag village from a few years back!!!


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