Simple Gnome Card

Sometimes you just need a simple card.

I needed to make a card for Lu.  Something simple, yet handmade,  I discovered recently that she like gnomes.  Her favorite color is yellow.  On my quest to find some yellow paper to make her a card, I found the bright yellow paper, and then the design in her paper scraps.  I remembered we had downloaded a gnome picture from

How to put this together?  I wanted to first cut out the gnome on the front cover with the Cricut machine, and put the print behind to show the gnome. Then I found that to be too complex for me!

I decided to cut out the card base and the front on the Cricut.  I used a double score line for the card base to fold in half.  Then I thought, maybe I would have the Cricut draw the gnome with a black pen.  That works.  I found a cute saying for gnomes.

At our house, we look on the back of the card for the date.  That helps to put it in a scrapbook later.  No, we don’t look for the Hallmark brand like some people do.

Lu noticed some yellow paper in the trash can before I gave her the card.  She knew I was up to something.  Hard to keep secrets from her.


I have the best husband! Thanks buddy!!


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