Last Halloween Project

I’ve got just one more Halloween project to show you then we will move onto something else!

I actually did this project to clean up a part of my house.  We had a gap between our house and our foundation that needed sealed. Steve had this idea to use drywall tape mesh to help hold the spray foam in. So he asked me to cut him some lengths. I did too many and so we had some lengths left. So they have been sitting here waiting to have something done with them.  

I bought a couple of pans from the dollar store and got my glue gun out! I know you have all seen these a million times!

First you have to paint them.  

So here are my drywall  tape mummies!!!

We put the picture of the one (below) I did a few years back in also  so you could see the difference in the materials. I did that one with gauze.

So these are $12.00 each


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