Stationary Portfolio

A friend of mine wanted to make these stationary portfolios for some friends of hers. She saw a you tube video but then thought the measuring and math was too complicated. I said I would see what I could do to simplify it for her and come up with a design that would work for her. 

The first thing I noticed in the design was that the folds were just paper and I think that will wear out easily. So I tried with a single sheet of chipboard that I had. I scored where I wanted it to fold and turned out ok but not large enough to hold the things she wanted in it.

So I went back to the folds being just paper and cutting the chipboard for the pieces in between the folds. I still had a little trouble with the paper not folding correctly as the portfolio opens and closes. Gently scoring that line helps.

The other issue that you need to figure out before making one is how big the spine needs to be. The spines need to be a little bigger than the clearance you need to have for the pockets and writing pad stack on each other when it closes.

I didn’t put anything in it to hold it closed.  So I had to figure that out after. I will put something in it next time as I’m making it, like magnets or ribbon.

I made “pockets” the same way I make boxes and that seemed to work out well. Next time I might add a piece of chipboard on the sides to help them stay a little less “squishy”!


The adhesives for something like this can be pricy, so I suggest trying to find them on sale. Some places like the pockets and the pad need a very strong adhesive to stay in place with the wear and tear of use.

The decoration was hard for me this time because I used paper that I’ve had for over ten years and I didn’t have things to match it. But I like the way it turned out!

I also have had the ribbon and that clasp for over ten years and I think it worked perfect! Thanks Janah for sewing the ribbon together for me!!!!


I’m now in the process of designing one that can hold a coloring book and crayons for another friend! I’ll be sure to post those when I get them done! 



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