Paper Solutions

As I said in one of my last posts, finding paper that works for some of my projects is proving challenging. So for the last week or so I have been trying different techniques to try and make one of my own.  


I thought I wanted to do it with string and I thought that paint would work well and I had the colors I needed.  It didn’t turn out like I wanted.  And I didn’t like the way it weighted the paper down and made it stiff.  I could tell that cutting it would also be a challenge.

So then I decided to try and do it with ink. I went and bought some ink at the local craft store. I tried several different kinds of string because I wanted different thickness to the lines. I talked to an artist friend of mine and she gave me a few suggestions about how to pull the stings and went for it again! This worked a lot better but still was a little too inconsistent for what I wanted.  I thought I wanted it a little more organic or messy but apparently this time I wanted crisp!

The next thing to have control was to try pens.  My friend told me I could get a pen to work with my ink, but I opted to use some of my scrapbook pens.  I liked the control I had with them. Then I did several different patterns to get to the one I thought would work best for my upcoming project. They all look very similar but have a difference in spacing and line thickness.

This is my finished piece!!!


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More Shadowbox Kits – Christmas

This time it is Christmas!  The biggest challenge with these is finding paper that has a small enough print to work with the small pieces! I’m working on other’s by making some of my own paper designs! Hopefully I can show you that soon! For now just pictures of the Christmas one.

Same thing just in a black frame.

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More Cards

So I mentioned in the post with the last card kit that sanding your paper can change the color even if it isn’t white core. Well in this kit I am showing you how that works.

This is the same paper!  The original was just too dark of a tone for the look I wanted. But you can see that once I sanded it it looks perfect!  It’s ok if you sand and it doesn’t come out like you want, try again! As Steve is very fond of saying “It’s just paper dear”

On this card (it is hard to see in the picture) I had a piece of paper that I had tried something with and it hadn’t worked out. But as most of you know I never throw things away! The diagonal folds gave this card a more framed look.  I cut the corners off so that it would fit on the card and not cover up the pretty flowers!

Here are the rest of the set.


Remember that cards can go vertical or horizontal!!! Half and half for me this time!


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Happy Easter Shadowbox Kit!

The Happy Easter Shadowbox is now completed.  I went with some bright colors and patterns. The things in the middle row didn’t stand out like I wanted them to so I added some ink to the paper before I glued it down.  It is always good to  lay your project out before attaching everything!



This fits into either the black or white shadow box frame.  Each piece has a magnet on the back to make it stay in place.

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Hope you enjoy.  Let me know if you are interested in making one of these.!