I bought this kit at my favorite store! I just wanted to see what they thought went together and how they said to do them.

There are no instructions or suggestions. This is what comes in the kit. It says it makes 12 cards.

I don’t think that most of this even goes with these card bases. The colors and tones are way off. So the first thing I did was to sort out what I thought would work.

The pieces all came with “pop up” squares already on them.  They didn’t really pop up far enough to tell that you use a pop-up. You can see on some of them I just put tape on them and put them flat down, I didn’t take their “pop up” off.  In this picture, you can see how much more space my pop up leaves.

The next thing I did was try to find a paper that matched or complimented.  This is usually the hardest part of the design.  It is also one of the parts I like doing, especially when you get it just right. My green was just a little off of the shade I wanted so I sanded it.

This is a white core paper and sanding it makes a big difference. Sanding a non-white core paper also changes the color of the paper and I will show you that on a different set of cards.

Finding the right embellishment can be tough as well.  I like to get several out and lay them on my project to see what I like.

The other thing that people ask me is, “Do I measure to get my things straight and evenly spaced?” Those of you that have had a class with me know that is a big NO!! Nothing needs to be that precious. But here are a couple of tips: an odd number of embellishments usually look best, so start by putting one in the center, then but one on each end equal distance from the edge, then find the center between that one and the one you have already in the middle.

I ended up only doing 6 cards because of the lack of embellishments that I felt worked. So at some point, we will come back and do the other 6.


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