Shaker Card Kit

I saw this card kit at one of my favorite stores and decided to get a couple to put together. I bought several different ones so we will talk about the others later.

This one was a shaker card, meaning you put glitter or something small behind a piece of acetate. Everything was included in the kit to make 6 cards, 2 of each design.

Box that the card kit came in.

I should tell you that I have never made a shaker card. I know how to but haven’t really ever made one.  I didn’t think about how much of the glitter/confetti to put in. The directions didn’t say.  I saw that the kit comes with 6 cards and 2 packs of confetti, so a third of the pack of glitter per card?

Card base and front. Glitter


Well, those of you with experience making these will know that it was way too much!!! I didn’t really get it right until about halfway through.

Using the mathematical approach. WAY TOO many glitters!
Left: Correct Amount. Right: TOO much. Lol

My next mishap was the aligning. They had all the adhesive already so I just peeled and lined up the card front. Well, I guess I’m not too good at that either!!! They are all off at least a little! Then at least one side is sticky. My solution was of course good old baby powder!

It has its own adhesive for the cover.
Using baby powder to cover the adhesive overhang.

I’m posting this to tell you all that no one gets it right the first time and that’s ok!!! If you get a card from me and you can’t read the sentiment because of too much bling in the shaker card, know that I love you so much that I wanted you to have a BIG, BIG party!!!!

Full set of shaker cards, in varying degrees of glitterfied!




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  1. Hi Lu, thank you for showing us the pitfalls of a shaker card! I’ve always wanted to try one; but, never have. Now I know to be careful with the quantities of glitter … pretty sure I would have gone crazy with the stuff. Happy crafting! Joanne

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