Spectrum Noir Markers

Well, I got some markers at a good price; and have not done anything with them since I bought them. Then, yesterday this came in the mail!!

I really like this magazine; and signed up to get a year’s worth on HSN a year ago. It was about $20.00 for each magazine and I think I got 4. The kick to it is that you got a CD full of images and papers, a tutorial CD, a stamp set, a die set and an embossing folder each time.

I’m always excited to do the projects in the magazine because you get all the images with it so you can reproduce everything exactly. Well, if you are as good at the tools as they are!! This time I love the flowers and the peacock on the front and wanted to try that immediately!!

So, here are my first tries; not so good. My first try was on normal, kind of light weight cardstock.  I used a normal, black ink pad. You can tell that it didn’t work well. The markers went all the way through the paper and the blending smeared everything!!

Then, I remembered that I had bought some paper that was special for the markers. Attempt two. I started with the normal ink pad but then, remembered hearing somewhere that you need to use a different ink. I had an old StazOn pad and tried that. The markers still went all the way through. And the ink still smeared.

Looks like I need to watch some tutorials!!! We all have those things that just don’t work the first time; and a little knowledge might help us do them better!!! Never be afraid to try something new! Not doing it completely to your satisfaction the first time opens the door to learn!!! I’ll let you know how my learning goes!


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