More Wedding Things

I told you that I was doing some things for a wedding and I thought that you’d like to see.  I had the Cricut write and cut everything!  The shape for this one was a Celebrate sign on the Cricut software.

These are double sided signs that are going in the centerpieces.  They read great in person but not so good in the photo. And yes I caught the spelling error and redid!

This sign is for the food table.  The bride brought me the frame and I made the sign to fit. It is just paper but looks really nice in the frame.

These are going on the thank you bags. Yes there is a red, white and black theme!


I’m so glad that the bride likes everything!!!  We did a few more things that I will post next week!


Headed to Utah to a funeral, planning on picking up some more fun stuff!!  Come back soon!!!!









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