Planter Pot Bunny

I know you have all seen these around this year and there are many variations. So, I decided to try my hand at it. My issue with some is that if they are in a live plant, they will get wet and icky quickly! Instead, I wanted to try and do one on a plastic egg, so that it didn’t have to come into contact with the dirt. I also thought, “Hey, use the top half for a face!” Here is what my experience taught me.

I bought white eggs, pompoms, felt, googly eyes and a brush. I found a pattern for the ears and feet on my Cricut.  I figured I was set.
I quickly made up a bottom and a top. Well, the top was way too pointed for a bunny face. So, I moved it to a bottom of the egg. I still  wasn’t too happy with the way it looked. I let it set for a couple of days.

A few days later, I still didn’t like them and had been thinking how to do it cuter and “better”. This morning, I decided to try again. My friend had given me some gray yarn and I know how to make my own pompom, but that wasn’t going to help the wet and icky issue. So, I decided to wrap the bottom of the egg with the yarn. That just wasn’t fluffy enough, either! Many of you may know, I’m not a fan of the hot glue gun. However, people have told me I just need more practice. Here was my chance! I cut pieces of the gray yarn and glued them to the yarn I had wrapped around the egg bottom, starting at the open end. I really did get a little better with the glue gun!!! Then, I trimmed the yarn and  it was time to cut the feet out of the felt.
I thought this would be no big deal because I had cut some out for a friend the night before. Well, her felt and my felt were different so cutting mine out was really frustrating! I finally figured it out; and then, decided that the bunny tail was too small! I didn’t want to run to the store and my pompoms are buried in our mess still. Solution: I used 4 small ones. I think it would be better with just one big one, but this works. Now, I bet you are wondering about that wet and icky part, right? Well, I just left enough space on the bottom that I could put the egg back together; and then it will be the top of the egg in the dirt!


Thanks for listening to me ramble on a bit today!!!


We have gravel!!!

I now that this isn’t a big deal to everyone but it is a huge step for us!! We got gravel on our driveway so we can have our events here!!!! We are so excited!!!

So card class on April 6th @ 10 a.m. will be held here!!

The address is 2663 State Road A, Auxvasse. But we aren’t really in Auxvasse.
Directions: Take I-70 to exit 155. Turn north and go 2.5 miles and we are on the left. I will put directions with the supply list for those of you that are coming!!!

Thanks for supporting us!!!!!

Card Class 1 kit remaining

We are finally ready to do a card class again. This time we have 10 all occasion cards.
I love the colors and how they go together. Again I have used things from separate packs and I think they have worked up great!
The class will be April 6th at 10 a.m. and hopefully at our place. If the weather doesn’t cooperate we will move the location to Columbia. The cost is $20 and you will provide your own adhesives. I will send you out a list of what you will need when you sign up! I have 1 kit so get yours soon!

Reserve your set now

Thank you for taking time to read my blog!!!


Print then Cut Cards

A while ago I purchased a disk from Crafter’s Companion that had a lot of graphics and papers that you could print off.  I love the cute, girly designs and I was excited to do something with them.

Fast forward to life getting in the way and a couple of months ago I finally got back to the disk.  Steve loaded it for me and we discussed how much ink the papers would take.  That was okay because I mostly wanted the designs.  So I printed some out and ended up having to cut them all out with my scissors.  And they were the wrong size for my cards! Ugh!!!

So then I got the idea to import them into my Cricut Design Space software.  That worked great: the perfect size, combining different elements. it was exactly what I wanted to do. The only hard part was that there was so many of them and each had multiple pieces. It was time consuming. But now that they are in I can use them over and over again!!  Yeah!!

Next issue is that card stock doesn’t go though my printer very well and yes the cost of ink again. The good news is that Cricut will cut them all out perfectly!! I love the print then cut feature!!!

Now just to find a printer that will handle the card stock better and that the ink isn’t too expensive! That sounds like a job for Steve!! Lol

Here’s the finished cards!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!



St. Patrick’s mailboxes

A friend requested I make something like the Valentine mailboxes. Well, why not make them St. Patrick’s mailboxes? So, I did!!

She also wanted a little something spiritual. So, here are some little candy bibles that have been around a while. She picked the scripture and we made her a bunch of those too!! It was fun to do something that was a little new to me! The hard part on the bibles was making the candy stay in, but not have it glued to the papers! It was also a little tough to make sure the scripture was the right size to read and in the right place. But, once we figured those things out, they went together quickly!

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