Valentine Mailboxes

A couple of years ago I saw these cute, little mailboxes all over the internet. There was a printable pattern available, so I printed it out and made one. Then, I said, “That is a lot of work!” AND they were gluing  the candy on the inside!! I wanted to eat the candy but have the cute box left!

So, in comes Steve and he says, “Let’s have the Cricut cut it out; and let’s modify it so you can eat the candy and keep the box!” Sure enough, he had it remade in the Cricut in no time; and we have been making them ever since!!

I found some cute tape as well as paper that was full of hearts and love and now we are making them again! You can order them from us in two ways: completely done with the candy in them, the price is $0.60 each. If you’d like to put them together yourself (you provide the adhesives and candy), the price is $0.25 each.  If you want to order some,  email me at

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Christmas Late

I saw this wire candy cane form at the store and then I saw the mesh tube. I thought how easy would it be to weave the tube onto the form and make a fast door decoration.  Ha! It might have been fast if I had purchased enough tube the first time!!! So, this week I finally finished it just in time for it to go into the Christmas box for next year! That’s just how things go sometimes!!

At least it is done and off my table!  As I was doing it I also thought that I shouldn’t have used the mess tube the way I did.  I wove and pulled it all so tight that you can’t even tell that it is tube. I think if I were to use tube again I would just tie pieces on and let the tube hang more. That would make a “fluffier” effect. Oh well, the supplies were not expensive and I learned!

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Youth Leadership Training notebooks – Just add vinyl

I wanted to blog something Valentine’s today but mid Missouri has had so much snow that we have not dug out yet.  So here is a little blog that I didn’t post a while back when I first made these notebooks! I hope you enjoy!

I made these notebooks have a little more personality for our girls going through leadership training.  They were just a inexpensive notebooks and then I put some decorative tape on the spine and cut some vinyl for the front!  The girls liked them!!!


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ZigZag Village

We made a lot of things for Christmas this year to give to our family and friends. The one that really got everyone talking was this zigzag village. We bought the .svg file from It wasn’t exactly right when we imported it. I tell you this so you don’t get discouraged if you buy one from somewhere and it doesn’t cut perfect on your machine.

It took about 30 minutes to cut on my Cricut. Then probably about an hour to assemble. We loved them! We hope those of you that received them did too!! We made about 25!!! We used different colors for the roofs, and sometimes the windows didn’t cut completely right so some of the windows I modified with my scissors. So everyone’s is unique and a little different!

You may see more of our Christmas things in later weeks! I’ll try to interweave them with new things!!!

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Country Valentine’s Card Set

Class is Sold Out!  Thank You


With Valentines right around the corner, I decided that I would make up a few card kits.

These cards are so rustic and simple, I feel like I am listening to my favorite country song! I love the black and brown with the red. I found the paper in one place and the stickers in another; and was so glad that they worked together so well.

This is the first card class that I am doing in my new home and so I have kept it simple. The class has 5 cards with envelopes, and is $10.00. It will be held on Saturday, January 19th @10 AM and you can go to the store to sign up. I only have 3 kits available, so get yours today!


Due to the weather this class has been moved to the 26th!!!!

Here’s a picture of each card individually.

Click here sign up and pay for the class