Animals for Steve

So this project was for someone that Steve works with.  They had done some kind of team building with this animal matching game where she had just written the names of animals on index card.  Steve thought it would be fun and nice if we made her animals to go on the cards.

It was good to do with Steve because it let him see the process  little more with the Cricut machine.  And it helped him to learn how big you need the paper pieces to cut the image in the Cricut. This is a skill that anyone who uses the Cricut very often can tell you is a big deal! Having enough paper to cut the image out but not too much left to waste is sometimes a hard thing.  Three days later I still have paper scrap I haven’t taken care of!!! The side benefit of having Steve help me with this was that he got to know my new paper organizing system!!!!

The other part of this process was which layers of an image are necessary and which ones aren’t.  You have to be able to do this if you don’t want to waste paper.  Also not all the layers of an image are visible when you bring it into your mat. So all of that was a new learning curve for Steve.

I hope she likes them!

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