Halloween Cat

So I really like to paint ceramics and dry brushing is my favorite technique.  Sometimes it is hard to find things that have the detail to paint.  I saw this cat in the store and it was 50% off!  Well you know I love a deal!  Only one problem, it is plaster and not ceramic.  Plaster paints totally different and doesn’t really hold up to the dry brush technique.  I thought this had enough rough edges that it would.

It did not hold up well. The plaster flakes off as the dry brush applies the paint! Well I had to make it work because I was determined to get it to!!! lol lol lol  I used  black for the base on it all and it took one more coat than it should have.  Then I used gray and blue on the stones and that went without too much problem.  Then I used purple and gray on the cat.  This was where it really started to have problems. Just the pressure of the dry brushing made the black come off in a lot of places. I just kept going and came back in with more gray or purple trying to cover the white spots.

So it took a lot longer to do and more days of it sitting and then looking for fresh white spots but eventually this was the result!  I like it now that it is done but will try to find ceramic in the future!!


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