Halloween Lights

Sorry I have so much Halloween that we are past the holiday and still posting ideas! But we found so may fun things this year!

These next two thing are wood that we found at the local craft store for under $5.00. They both have lights in them, the 3 pumpkins one changes colors and blinks and the house one is just a solid.

So the pumpkins we gently took the light out and spray painted it black. The house one I just painted with a brush.  Then we scanned them into my Cricut software and started to play with the sizing. Once we got the sizing right things went pretty fast.

For the house I glued tissue paper between the light and the front to get that more diffused look.  But the light in the pumpkins had a bigger area to cover and didn’t work with tissue paper I ended up cutting each image 3 times to get what I wanted! I probably could have played with it more in the software and not cut so many times.  The house one was pretty fast, but with all the detail the pumpkins took about an hour a time to cut! Good thing I had multiple projects going that day!

Once I had the images cut out then I just glued the papers to the wood! Let that dry and give it a top sealing coat and they were done!!!

I think they turned out fun!!


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