Halloween Sign

When I first saw this sign in the projects for the Cricut, I thought it said Halloween. And I loved how it looked like it was black iron! But as I started to put this together for me, I noticed that it doesn’t really say Halloween as much as it says Hallo and then has it mirror imaged. I guess you can kind of just glance and see Halloween!!! Lol lol lol But once I see the other I can’t stop seeing it!

It was an easy project to do. I just cut the image out of black paper and then gray paper. Then I cut the parts off the gray where I wanted the black to show! Then I just glued the gray to the black, attached a straw and put it in a cute bucket!

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Halloween Light Bags

I have always loved those bags that people line their driveway and walks with on the holidays! You know the ones that you put a candle in and the image is cut out with tissue paper behind it so it looks like a paper jack-o-lantern.

They have seemed like they would take a lot of time and effort.  But the I saw some in my Cricut images and decided to try one!  And they are super, super, super fast and easy this way!!! I can’t wait to be in our house so I can make some full size  to lead down the driveway!!!!

Here’s the tiny version!

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Halloween Scene

I love the dimensional things you can do with the Cricut! And Halloween is no exception!  They had this scene done and put under a glass dome. It didn’t have the path or the yellow moon.  I didn’t want to put it under glass for display so I just found the moon and path on another image and put them together with pop up dots! I think it is perfect for your scrapbook page or you could put it in a frame for the holiday!

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Halloween Pops

I saw these Halloween cake pop holders and thought “those would be a perfect give away at my open house at Joann’s on October 9th”!

But can’t do cake. So I found some suckers and those worked well.But I wanted to make them smaller! You all know I can’t just do something like it says. Besides it takes too much material wise. so I shrunk them down and put those smaller suckers in them!

I think they turned out pretty cute!

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Halloween Pan Art

These cute pans came up on my Facebook page the other day and I so wanted to make them!!!

I love how fast they go together and how different you can make yours!  They are very inexpensive, and kids could have so much fun doing them.  The post had a witch head and a frankenstein that I didn’t do this time but I definitely will do them probably for next year! Also the post just drew the faces on with sharpie marker and I cut mine out of felt on the Cricut.

So I got my pans for $.88 a little spray paint and some gauze (I used tuelle that was on sale on the rolls), some ink and goggly eyes and you are there! I added the ribbon like the post did to hang it but you could leave that off and just hang it from the pan.

This last one I just wanted to be a pumpkin and not a jack-o-latern but you could definitely cut out a face if you wanted the jack-o-lantern!


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