Family Reunion

This week one family of my cousins are coming from all over the country to Nauvoo, IL for a family reunion. So we are going to go up and spend a day with them. I know that some of them are scrapbookers so I thought I’d try and take them something they could use to remember this reunion. I hope they like it!

Journaling Event at Joann’s

This weekend Joann’s is having a Journaling Event. I’m not running that but am trying to go in and demo the Cricut, hoping to get some people to sign up for class. So I needed to come up with something to give away that would coordinate with what they are doing.
They are letting them make a “journaling box” . They are saying it is bullet journaling. The two I remember from the picture were more like lists of things to do. So I came up with a little envelope for them to put their list in. One had a mason jar on it, one had stars.
So here’s what I came up with!


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Just Cards

I am not feeling too well this week so I just made a couple of cards for this week,
The first one I wanted to use a push pin. I thought that I could just cut the pin part off, but it was too thick for the tools I had to cut. So I had to figure I way to use it with the pin part on. So I decided to just put pops on it. It took 3 to get it covered and then I had to use 3 in the other places to keep it level! It might not go to someone in an envelope, but I will send it with something else in a box.


Then as most of you know I like to color and have done it since I was in Utah. So I decided to use one of those today. I think it turned out ok.


They each have a little paper in the inside as well!

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4th of July

I know this is too late but wanted to try it anyway! I saw this technique to paint with a toilet paper roll on Pinterest,and thought “I wonder if I could make my own roll and size it to whatever I want?” Because, those of you that know me, know I want to change everything! Besides a toilet paper roll only gives you one size and is too big for a card!!

So here we go! I have lots of pictures to show you the stages! They said to do it with paint. I tried my inks but they are pretty dry so that didn’t work well. I tried watercolors and I liked that. And I think the refill for your ink pads would work well also. So lots of ways to do this so that it is safe for your scrapbook. I decide hat I was making card and safety wasn’t an issue this time for so I went with paint.
So first I cut me a piece of paper and rolled it into the shape. I just glued the edge with tape and overlapped the ends. Then I cut one end of the cone up about half way making sure to be inconsistent in the cut width. Then I folded the cuts out. To get different size tubes I wrapped the paper around different size pens or markers.

The next step is to put paint onto something that you can dip the cut end into. I just used a paper plate so I could throw it away.  you want to spread the paint into as even a layer as you can and big enough to get the whole tube ends in at once. The paint needs to be in a fairly thin layer because the design doesn’t come out as well if there is paint on the top side of the paper.

Then I took a sheet of white paper and started “stamping”.  You should probably let the paint dry between colors but you know me!!  Once I had “stamped” in both colors, I thought the middles looked a little empty so I used a stylus and added some dots to the centers.

Then I really did have to let everything dry!!  The I just cut my paper to fit my card!! I cut the happy 4th of July out on my Cricut and then put it on white and the cards are ready, for next year!! lol lol lol

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