More Grandma Surprises

This week has turned out to be kind of busy and nothing I am busy doing is picture worthy!!!

I am teaching the young women to make never ending cards tonight so we have programmed those into the Cricut so it can cut and score them for us. And I am getting ready to teach a class at Joann’s on Saturday but, it is about importing files so not really pictures there.

The other thing I did do was finish cards for my aunt and as I was looking through the box I found a pillow that grandma must have started to make and then not gotten back to finish. So I bought some filling and hand sewed the opening closed. I didn’t do a very good job hand sewing but it has been a really long time since I’ve done any kind of hand work.

I was thinking of my grandma the whole time I was sewing though. I remember sitting next to her as she taught me to sew and embroidery.I love how she encouraged me to do it!! I remember that she would tell us that if we did the embroidery on a set of pillowcases, she would tat the edges for us!! I have several sets that will never see use on a bed!!! They are so precious to me!!! I so loved spending that time with her and I will be forever grateful for the skills she taught me! I wish I would have had the patience to learn to tat!

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Grandma’s Cards

This week I wanted to send something to my aunt who let Jess stay with her this last weekend. I thought about flowers but Jess had already done that. Then I remembered that I had all these cards that my grandma (her mother) kept. Grandma kept just pieces of the cards, the pretty parts. So I don’t really have the whole card. And I have a huge box full of these pieces. Most of them are Christmas but there are some others. So I thought I could make some cards out of the pieces.

So I went through some of the box and picked some non Christmas pieces. I then cut them as best as I could depending on how grandma had cut them from the rest of the card. Now all I need to do is put them on a base and make a card!

That was a great idea until I figured out that cards back that far in history weren’t the standard sizes we have today! I just made them whatever size fit the pieces and will probably have to make some custom envelopes. So here are a few I have done so far!!

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This week we made some vinyl cancer ribbons for a friend of ours. One of their friends daughters is fighting and plays ball and her friends are so supportive they wanted something on their helmets!!! So glad we could help with this!!!

So the Cricut pens smeared and came off.  So we decided that we needed to do it with a sharpie. I don’t have an after market adapter so we needed to figure a way to get it to hold the pen. We needed to use an ultra fine tip. So we took the adapter out of clamp A, then I had seen somewhere that you could use a pencil grip to help hold it and I had seen that you could use tape wrapped around the pen. Well we used both!!! And I think they turned out well and the “customer” loved them too!!!

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Stain glass candle holder

I wanted to try these candle holders. So again I made a trip to my local dollar store to get supplies, tissue paper and glass vases.
This is my first attempt and I like it but think it needs more on it. I tried to get pictures in the light and in the dark.

This is a project easy to do with your kids again!

I’m going to do some more and will post the in the next few days!

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