Hi!!! Sanding and Craft Fair

This week is really busy for me! I am getting ready for Super Saturday! I started sanding all those boards by hand and decided that it was worth the investment in a sander! So we bought a sander and are trying to learn how to use it!! No fun pictures, sorry!! It is definitely a lot faster but, we are not very good or consistent yet!

We went to a craft fair this weekend! It was fun and interesting. The fall is really a craft fair time here and every little town seems to have their own. There is always more than one to go to!! It was interesting to me to see the prices for things here and to see what people were buying. Good market research! But even the things we liked, the thought in our head was…then we have to store it and move it!! So we didn’t end up coming home with anything!!! I hope we can get into our own place soon and then we can do some more of the shopping!!

Have a good, creative week!!


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