This last couple of weeks have really been busy! This week the coordinator at Joann’s wanted me to go in and “play” with her on the Cricut Monday. That was kind of fun!

Steve has put a couple of card bases in the Cricut and we are working the kinks out of that.

It has finally turned fall here, it seems like the trees all lost their leaves in one day!

And Steve put one of my holiday block sets up on his board at work and it sold right away!!

I had my first “class” “get together” at Joann’s on Friday and that was challenging but fun! One lady had the explore but had never used it in 2 years. The other lady had an expressions that wouldn’t stop blinking at us. And neither of them had any of the cords, power or computer! I’m so glad that I knew enough about both machines to help them! Both ladies went home excited and signed up to do a fabric applique class on the 4th! {Monday when I went in to “play” the coordinator told me I have 2 other ladies signed up for it as well!!}

So this week I just have a different step card to show you. Last week the Christmas one had 5 steps, this one has 4. And this one has a back to it! They are both things Steve has put into my Cricut so I don’t have to score or cut the steps or the decorative paper on the inside! What a man!!!

1026161317  1026161318a

New Card!!


laying down

standing up


This week I asked Steve to help me program in a card template that I got off the internet. I thought “I love this card but drawing the template then cutting and scoring took so long!” So I thought if Steve could program it into my new Cricut we could cut and score it anytime we wanted to make one!! It took him a little bit to figure it out, but he did it!!! It is such a cool thing that now I can just send a paper through my Cricut and have the card base done! Now I am asking him to put the accent paper cuts in! They are the same lines so maybe it won’t be so bad! lol lol lol So here is my first attempt, hope you like it!!

New Cricut

Sorry it has taken me this long to get to this. But I got the new Cricut machine and then I got a job teaching it at the local Joann store!! Now they need examples of everything it can do. That seems a little overwhelming but here we go!! Some at a time, I only have one new thing done today. It is this 3d unicorn head! I made it smaller than this first and couldn’t get it to go together. This one still doesn’t have all the pieces on the horn but I think it is ok. I will post more as I get things done!! Thanks for being patient with me!!


This week is really busy for me! I am getting ready for super saturday! I started sanding all those boards by hand and decided that it was worth the investment in a sander! So we bought a sander and are trying to learn how to use it!! No fun pictures, sorry!! It is definitely a lot faster but, we are not very good or consistent yet!

We went to a craft fair this weekend! It was fun and interesting. The fall is really a craft fair time here and every little town seems to have their own. So there are always more than one to go to!! It was interesting to me to see the prices for things here and to see what people were buying. Good market research! But even the things we liked, the thought in our head was…then we have to store it and move it!! So we didn’t end up coming home with anything!!! I hope we can get into our own place soon and then we can do some more of the shopping!!

Have a good, creative week!!