This Week

Sorry that it is so late in the week that I am getting to this. I was trying to actually finish something!! That didn’t happen! It seems like it has been a busy week but I can’t figure with what! So I will just show you some of the practice stuff I have done.

I want to play with watercolors some more so I did these flowers. They aren’t done like I want them yet, they need some highlights and I am still trying to figure that out.0930161019c1

I really want to do this thing with Christmas ornaments and a drumel tool. I figured out I need to draw on the shapes I want first and then use the drumel. I’m not good enough to free hand it. And then it is going to take some more practice!! But here is a peak at the attempt!!09301610201

Simple Step Card

Front ViewSide View

Today I just made a simple step card! They can be a lot more elaborate than this one, but today I went for simple. There are a lot of tutorials out there for these kind of cards, I have just not ever made one and I’m betting a lot of you haven’t too! It can look intimidating! But I have to say that a good tutorial and it makes it seem easy. If you want to make one I’d be happy to skype with you and walk you through it step by step!!

Have a great, creative week!!!

Birthday boy!!!

This week, 22 years ago, one of the best crafts I ever made arrived! Today our son turns 22. And this is the first time in 22 year that we haven’t been able to be with him on his birthday. Sometimes, even when you know you are in the right place, it is hard to be there!!

There seems to be a lot going on in my little world this week. Steve made a casual statement in a craft store check out line and now the craft store wants me to be a teacher and someone else wants private lessons!! They think I am an expert!! lol lol lol I’m not an expert and their machines are brand new and mine is ..the first one out! So this week has been spent in finding out if I felt like I could help them. It has stretched me a little and I am no way going to be an “expert” but I think I can help them.

So no pictures this week, sorry. But hopefully something fantastic next week!

Super Saturday Craft


Well this is the one project that actually came out ok and I am going to send it to the ladies for super saturday!! I’m a little nervous about it because I’m not sure about what they like in missouri!! I hope they like it!

The blocks are the same just the other side!!

A little Christmas

This week I have been trying some projects for my church group and they haven’t worked as well as I would like. But here are a couple of the ideas for some easy, inexpensive ornaments! This last one is supposed to be a pine cone. I’m not sure it looks enough like one. I think maybe the paper is too patterned, or maybe I still don’t have the shape correct.  Anyway I am trying one more thing this week and then will decide if and what to teach!!!


Have a great week and do something creative!!!