Watercolor Card


I tried a technique that I saw with embossing and watercolors. I’m not very good at watercolors! But here is the idea.

You emboss the paper and then draw over the raised parts with a crayon and then the watercolor doesn’t go past that. I did a couple different color crayons so you could see.

I’m sorry I am doing mostly paper crafts but that is the stuff I have unpacked! lol We are signing the papers friday for a piece of land, but it still will be some time before we get a house and space for me to unpack everything. So please bare with us!! I am working on my red 3 wreath project and I am getting to the point I can see it being done soon. So maybe i will post an update to that later!!!

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You make my heart smile card

This week I made this cute card! It is a simple card but fun to make and it has lots of places to write a note! I found these papers that I think match each other and then had the black pattern on the back! I’m not so good with figuring out how to get the paper cut the right way, so it took me a couple of tries. I’m sure that as i do more of them the cut will be easier to remember!

I’m also working on that 3 wreath thing I’ve had started for a long time. I’m trying to figure out the centers part and will post pictures when I get that started!

Have a great, creative week!!!

Never ending card





This week Ihave had a couple of projects going. One is this basket form I bought cheap and then I wanted to give a never ending card a try.

The basket is just a form and you get your own yarn or whatever to do it with. It was a little time consuming but I like the end result!

The never ending card took a couple of tries to get right. You have to get the measurements right and straight and then the adhesive needs to be strong enough to hold. I have some cheaper tape runner that didn’t hold but then I used my CM and it held great. A never ending card is a card that you can open to 4 different sides and then it repeats those sides as long as you keep folding. I have a lot of photos this week, I hope they show things clearly!


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Star Explosion Card




This week i wanted to try a new folded card. So I tried this star explosion one. The instructions were a little confusing for me, but i think it still turned out cute! I am going to try a couple more so I can see if i can get it a little easier and a little more straight!! I’ll keep posting as i do!

I hope you are enjoying seeing what i am working on each week!

this week

I’m not feeling very creative this week and everything I have tried has not gone well. My dad passed away this week and I think I am a little off. So please forgive me for not having something fun to show you. I’ll have something next week,