A fun card

This week I got a couple of new tools and so I’m just trying to learn how to use them. Some are die cuts that make cool things on cards and edges. And then I got a thing to help us take better pictures. I hope they both work out. So anyway it has taken me some time to figure some of this out. So here is just one simple card I made today! I’m sure I’ll have more to show you soon!!!

This Week’s Fun


I found some burlap I really like and have decided to make a 3 wreath set out of it but it is more time consuming than I expected. But I have posted a picture of it in progress! Also this week we found a pinwheel maker at a really good price and I can tell that it is going to be lots of fun to use for making party decor! I still am not adjusting to the heat and humidity here in Missouri yet so it seems like I just get started on something and have to go find a towel to wipe down!!! I know we will figure it out eventually!!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read my blog!!!

Easel Card


Easel cards have been around for a long time but I decided to make one for a friend today. They are very simple and can be made in a variety of sizes. They take no special tools and work up super fast. Mine today is a 5×5 size.

So simple instructions: One piece of cardstock cut 5×10 (that is finished size one direction and twice finished size the other direction. This is pretty much the rule for all cards.) Fold it in half so you have the 5×5 square. Then take the top of the card and fold it in half again, so the edge meets up with your previous fold. Now take another piece of paper (mine was the light blue chevron) and cut it to size. If you want it to cover the whole front it is 5×5. Glue this piece to the bottom section of the front of the card. The only thing left to do is add something to the inside so that it holds the easel part in place, I used a flower. The rest of the card is just adding what you like to complete the look. Mine is pretty simple, but I like the clean look.

Questions? just let me know, I’d be happy to help!

Wreath Finished


So once I had things gathered the wreath finished up pretty fast!! I know it is kind of simple but I like it and it was for my front door!! I have some other burlap and have some ideas brewing so we will see what comes of that!!! Lol

Hello Again Finally

Wow! It has really been a year since I have been on this blog and I apologize to all of you! We have had some excitement in our lives! Steve lost his job in Utah and we lost 2 very close people to us. Then Steve got a job in Missouri!! He has been here since October 2015. I stayed in Utah and sold our home and have now joined him here in Missouri! I think I am settled enough to get back to this blog consistently, at least that’s my goal!!!

So here is a quick and easy way to make flowers using your cutting system and your corner rounder!!

Cut 3 different size circles with your cutting system, I like to use different papers. Also it is a little easier with something thinner than heavy cardstock but I did use cardstock on some of mine. Fold your circle in half and round the ends off with the corner rounder. Notice how far the circle goes into the rounder because this affects the shape of you petals. Now unfold the circle and fold it in the opposite direction and punch again. Do this 2 more times folding to what you might call the diagonals. Repeat this for all 3 circles. Now layer the circles together from largest to smallest and you have a cute flower that matches any project!!!

wreath continued


We have had a few problems with our blog this week, so we are sorry, and we are working on it. We are ready to try uploading a picture again so here goes!!! This is my wreath in progress. It is taking so long because I can’t decide what to add to it and then find the colors to match!! But I promise to get it done this coming week!!!